36 Xamarin with James Montemango

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React Native Radio | Episode 36** Panel Nader Dabit Ali Najafizadeh Peter Piekarczyk Kevin Old Naoufal Kadhom Special Guest: James Montemango of Xamarin Discussions and Questions: ** ** 1:13 Before we getting into programming and Xamarin, can you tell us how you got into programming? 3:46 For Someone not familiar with Xamarin, can you tell us what it does, and why people use it?   **7:02 So how did you become one of the people who works on Xamarin?  ** 10:20 So what is the coolest thing aboutXamarin? 12:53 So for someone to pickup Xamarin, they might have to know C# pretty well?   **19:00 How do you guy manage to keep up with 100 percent access to all the native APIs? Is that a community driven effort, or is it internal? 15:30 What do you feel is the percentage of apps out there, that are for TV or various app stores, are primarily built with Xamarin? 25:28 You mentioned that is has recently been open sourced, and you been with the company during its purchase by Microsoft. Can you talk little about that? 29:55 So lets say on know C#, Objective C, and Java. What is the first thing I need to do? 38:54 Can somebody actually create games? Are those bindings available? Do you guys open some sort of binding tool? 43:18 James can you tell us about the Xamarin Test Cloud? How does that compare to a soft stack?  ** 52:30 So you’re able to do UI testing as well as unit testing? Is that how that works? 59:15 Can you talk about Xamarin Studio and the IDE and what that looks like? 1:02:00 I know people are interested in React Native and Hybrid Solutions because of the ability to do remote updating. Can you do remote updating with Xamarin? 1:06:00 What are the best uses cases with Xarmarin? 1:09:00 In terms of releasing tool for Windows and Mac, how do you handle that?   ** ** Picks **Nader ENKI app Angry Birds movie** React Native In Action - Book - on Maning ** ** James **Merge Conflict Podcast https://www.mergeconflict.fm Peter** Ale Monkey **Nafal Gyroscope  Resources Mention in this Episode https://www.xamarin.com  **   ** **   ** **   *  


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