37 React Native Katas & Learning React Native with Dotan Nahum

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React Native Radio | Episode 37** Panel Nader Dabit Peter Piekarczyk Special Guest: Jon Daton, creator of React Native Katas Discussions and Questions: ** ** 0:54 Can you tell us about yourself and how you got into programming with React Native? 3:39 So when you got back to iOS was it still Objective C? Or was Swift around by then? 13:40 Can you go into what you like about React Native, as oppose to going the Native route?   **19:20 Tough question I had was how do I route, besides all the other standard stuff.  ** 28:00 Let the people who know what they’re doing, write the modules…. Is that too Harsh to say that…? 33:00 Can you talk about what React Native Katas is and why you built it? 42.48 Have you ever had to train someone as an iOS or Android Developer? Can you going into how you view someone getting up and running in React Native? 49:42 Do you keep your Git hub Awesome React Native up to date? 50:50 How has the book writing been? Is it a lot of going back and updating things? Picks **Nader Book - Deep WorkThe Coding Boot Camp Book  ** PeterTest You Java Script SkillsJonAwesome aha         ** **   ** **   ** **  ** 


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