38 Testing React Native Components using Mocha with Gabriel Rubens

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Nader Dabit

Peter Piekarczyk

Special Guest: Gabriel Rubens

Discussions and Questions: **   **0:34 Can you tell us about yourself?   0:48 Can you go into how you got into programming? 1:36 So you are a self taught developer? 1:58 Can you tell us about what Astrocoders does? 2:52 So do you guys do web and mobile? 3:18 When you guys picked up React Native, were you guys already working with the mobile framework building mobile apps? Or this what you into building mobile apps? 4:22 Do you use any Cordova Plugins with React Native or did you go all out React Native?  ** 5:20 If someone was coming into using React Native, Can you talk about the different options that are available for those who never used React Native and want to integrate Unit Tests. Can you go over the pros and cons of some the these methods? 7:30 So someone coming from web might be more comfortable testing with Mocha? 8:25 So when you are testing your React Native app, what are you testing? The entire component? Container? Go over what people will usually test? 10:14 What would in need to do to add Mocha test to my existing project? 11:50 Can you talk about how you would break down a page or a component, and build test for it? 19:04 So can you explain why you would have to incorporate React Native Router Flux into Testing? 21:00 Is there are thing else that someone should know about testing? 24:00 Have you kept up with the recent changes? 27:38 So as far as React Native testing, what are the options now? 28:30 Do you guys test for benefit or your selves and company to have a more error free code base, or is testing something your clients request?     **Picks ** NaderIncrease Productivity - PluralsightWeex  **Peter Tinker Tool 


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