40 Navigation in React Native with Eric Vicenti of Facebook

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React Native Radio | Episode 340** Panel Nader Dabit Kevin Old Ali Najafizadeh Gant Laborde Special Guest: Eric Vicenti of Facebook, Topic on Navigation.Discussions and Questions: ** ** 1:20 Can you talk about how you got into programming, React Native, and Facebook? 4:20 So how much native stuff do you have to know to get in there, and create some of these APIs? 4:55 Can you go into the current state of what navigation experimental is, and the ideas of how you all built this, why you switched from the old to new? 9:05 Can you go into some of the major difference? 12:10 Are you going to support a feature that will support the React Router?   **13:18 So when was React Router Native open sourced? 14:00 What are thoughts bring web developer along in to this as far as the URLs go? 18:40 What is going to happen to the naming, once Navigator Experimental becomes The Navigator? 20:00 Can you go into what React Primitive, can you go into the uses cases there? Is React Primitive the same as React Native Web? 24:00 More on the Navigator and URLs. 28:40 Can you go a bit more into React Anywhere? 34:00 Can we talk about the actual API? 38:00 What about Redux? What would be the method about going about that? 40:02 Can you talk able the Navigation View, Header, Animated View, and Card Stack? 43:30 Can you go into the other Navigation, or open source projects? 45:00 Have you heard of React Native Flux? 47:00 Question I get from new people, if they are starting a new project. Which navigator should they use? 49:40 What are you guys doing with React Native, and where do you see it going? 52:12 So what are the other motivations are there, besides using React Native in the news feed? 56:12 When are we going to see something that will give us at least one month before an update? Picks**   **Nader**  Average Is Over  **Debugging React Native https://medium.com/reactnativeacademy/debugging-react-native-applications-6bff3f28c375#.i9wzwnyao  ** AliJest  **Kevin Showcase - apps that use React NativeA Beautifully Constrain   Episode 228 Java Script Jabber Gant amazing-qrcode.com  ** Eric**Black Mirror


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