41 React Native for Windows with Eric Rozell of Microsoft

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React Native Radio | Episode 41** Panel Nader Dabit Peter Piekarczyk Special Guest : Eric Rozell of Microsoft, React Native for Windows. Discussions and Questions: ** ** 0:28 Can you talk about how you got into programming and how got got into working for Microsoft. 1:37 Concerning React Native, how did that come about at Microsoft? 3:49 So for that project did you guys consider Cordova or Xamarin? 4:00 How hard was it to get it to work on Windows, and what features were available when you got the first prototype working? 7:00 Are you guys going to be open sourcing another platform, that will let people extend in to other platforms?   **8:00 How many did you have working on it at the time, and how many people do you have working on it now? 9:50 Can you talk about your day to day and what your guys working on and do in general? 11:00 Is this something that the company feels is going to be a viable sources for app development? People are already building these app for iOS and Android, they might be able to just, take 90 percent of their code and touch it up a bit, and publish it to the window platform. It that the motivation for this? 13:44 So is the plan to feature parity wth the current React Native? Or are you planning to implementing thing on your own? 17:35 So as far as your involvement with the React Native team, does your team discuss what your were doing at the time with the RN team? Or do you try to keep up with the releases and interact with them in some other form?  ** 20:30 What is the dynamic between teams with is comes to React Native? 22:00 So if someone wanted to get started with RN Windows, what would they need to get started, Operating System and those kind of things? 23:00 So I guess there is a Windows emulator? Are there any plan to merge this into Xamarin down the road…? 25:00 So what are the future plans for RN Windows? 26:00 If someone want to contribute, would they be able to make a pull request? What would be some the the thing people can contribute too? 28:00 If someone was build an app now, is viable to target Windows as a platform? Picks ** ** NaderBlog PostRedux or MobX: An attempt to dissolve the ConfusionRobin Wieruch EricSeveneves    ** 


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