42 Becoming a React Native Developer and BuildReactNative.com with Tom Goldenberg

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React Native Radio | Episode 42** Panel Nader Dabit Kevin Old Ali Najafizadeh Special Guest : Tom Goldenberg Discussions and Questions: ** ** 0:30 Can you go into how you got into programming and what drew you to React Native? 1:10 Wow, So within a year you went from a beginner to having multiple opportunities? 1:41 So what were you doing before you got into this? 2:10 First of all, which bootcamp did you go to? 2:46 So when you finished you time at the bootcamp, how hard was it to get employment? 3:42 How much time had lapsed between graduation and giving you talk? 4:20 So were you a front-in developer in you first position using React, or backend….doing Rails kind of stuff?   **4:56 Can you go into the specifics of the companies that hire you? Were they startups? Were you paid fair wages? 6:20 So did you have tight deadlines and were you paid fairly? 8:00 What would you tell someone if were had just finished a bootcamp, or those who are currently working in a stack. To have a similar kind of success in the same amount of time? 11:00 How many hours did you spend on JavaScript, before you understood React? 12:00 Can you go into how you got involve with the React Native Communities in New York, and what companies are doing with React? 14:44 So what type of growth do you have at your meet up and what kind of turn out do you have? Do you think that one meet up every other month seems to be a good balance? 16:37 So do you have a stable sponsor that hosts your meet ups, or do you have a rotating sponsor? 20:00 Can you talk about the tutorial/book that you put together, and tell why people might be interested in it?  ** 22:00 Is this your first venture into writing, or have you written other books before? 24:00 As someone writing about React Native and seeing how quickly it evolves. What have you seen as far as API changes and how have you dealt with those? 27:00 Back to your meet ups, do you have any plans to provide/share/upload slides or videos or interesting meetings? 29:00 Going back to the tutorial, you mentioned the backend. Do you have to have backend experience to work with he tutorial? 31:54 So at the company you are current at, do you use React Native? So it look like you guys have a developer portal, what exactly can you do with that API? 35:00 Can you talk abut some of the apps you are building with this natural language processing interface? 37:00 Can you talk about where the mobile landscape is headed in the next couple of years? 45:00 So Tom, where can people keep up with you on social media? Twitter: @tomgoldenberg   Picks ** ** NaderReact Native Web View BridgeLittle Book Of Talents Money BallBuilding a React Native App for 80 Millions Users  **Kevin Exponent JS - Shout outAWS SDK React NativeThe Power of Habit  Ali Web to Web  Tom Apollo Open City   ** Resources Mentioned in this Episode buildreactnative.comTwitter: @tomgoldenberg  ** **   ** **  ** 


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