44 Native iOS to React Native with Aaron Haser

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React Native Radio | Episode 44** Panel Nader Dabit Ali Najafizadeh Peter Piekarczyk Kevin Old Special Guest : Aaron Haser Discussions and Questions: ** ** 0:28 So as far as you work at DiviPay, and your iOS work, can you talk about what you have been doing as a Native Developer? What kind of app have you been building and what do you like about Native Development? 2:10 What do you do at Divipay? 3:45 Would Divipay work for a small business? 4:49 How do you feel about using React Native this day in age   ? 6:30 How many engineers do you have working on this at the same time ? 7:00 Out of curiosity why did you guys go with Elixir? 7:30 So what are the things that you like about React Native, and things you don’t like about React Native?   **11:36 So what is your take on the quality of React Native components that ship with React Native based on Native components that you worked with? 15:00 Do you ever miss the Storyboard and those kinds of visual you get from Xcode? 16:40 What type of stacks are you using alongside with React Native?  ** 20:10 Nader ask a general question about MobX 22:00 Have you got the chance to dig in and write any native code for an specific use cases yet? Will there always be things that you can’t do with React Native, where you need to write your own Native code? Or do you think that as RN matures, things like this will be more available as part of the API? 25:35 Have you guy looked in to Code Push? Are you think about using something similar to Code Push? 27:25 Do you think there will ever be a time when Code Push will support Native Modules? 29:00 Are there any modules that you guys rely on in the open source community that you can recommend? 32:00 What locate backend are you guys using, are you just using Async backend or something more robust? 34:00 What is your strategy for keeping unto date with the new versions of React Native? How do you go about updating? 35:50 What kind of consulting do you do, and do you use React Native in you personal projects? 41:00 How do you go about getting new clients? 42:00 When you are build for both iOS and Android, do you have both emulator open and the same time, or do you develop for one platform first?   **Picks ** NaderGetting Real  **Peter S3 web pec plugin  ** AliReact Native Webview  **Kevin Connect Conference React Native FS  ** Aaron https://www.joelonsoftware.com    ** **   ** **   *  


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