45 React Native Conferences, Meetups, and Community with Gant Laborde of Inifinite Red

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Panel **   Nader Dabit Special Guest : Gant Laborde of Infinite Red   In this episode, Nader and Gant discuss the importance of developer conferences and the React Native community. Both developers share the key points of how to approach your profession when attending conferences, and those events specific to React Native. Discussion topics include, networking, acquiring a job by attending conference and/or meet ups, and how to write-off travel expenses when attending such events. This episode is filled with informative topics that Nader and Gant touch-on, but should begin to help you explore further into attending conference and meet ups with professional poise. Discussions and Questions: ** ** 0:50 Can you go into the React conference and what you guys want to accomplish with that?   **4:30 What do you recommend people to do, to get the most out of the conference. 7:30 Who pay for you to go to these conference? Is it valuable to pay out of your own pocket? 10:49 What will get you on track for speaking at conferences?  ** 17:30 Nader and Gant discuss the benefits of MeetUps? 26:00 Nader talks about how MeetUps help you get a job, over sending out you resume. 35:46 Nader talks about starting a MeetUp specific to React Native? What are the main channels to get involved with the React Native community right now? 42:00 Nader talks about his favorite React conferences Picks ** ** NaderThink and Grow Richreactnative.training  **Gant Happier   


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