47 Tom Coleman and Sashko Stubailo of Meteor / Apollo Discuss Apollo and GraphQL

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React Native Radio | Episode 47** Panel Nader Dabit Peter Piekarczyk Ali Najafizadeh Special Guest**: Meteor Project: Apollo and Graph QL withTom ColemanandSashko StubailoDiscussions and Questions: ** **** 0:33 Can you both introduce yourself and tell us how you got into programming?   **1:40 Can you tell us about Meteor in general and how this went into Apollo and Graph QL? 5:55 Speaking of implementation, could I use GraphQL with Apollo or Relay? Is there a reason why I should not do that? 7:00 What is the main idea and draw behind GraphQL? Or why would people want to use it? 10:00 If some is using React or React Native, would they be interested in the client or the entire client and server Apollo stack implementations ? 13:00 What is the benefit of using GraphQL in a small system, and how would you solve the security system? 15:48 Speaking of Redux, could I use Redux with any one of these flux frameworks with Apollo? Is there any reason why I would want to do this?  ** 20:46 Are you guys thinking about serve side rendering, or is there something I have to do for that? 22:22 Can you use this with Angular, JavaScript, or View? What were the technical difficulties? 26:30 So you can solve the serve side redux issue with using Apollo? 27:00 What is the big server side redux issue? 32:00 What do you have planned in then near and far future? 36:10 For those who are not familiar with GraphQL, is this something that can attach to the API data base implementation? Or does there backend need to be rewritten? 38:00 Where do you see GraphQL in the near future? 40:00 Why did you guy decide to go with Typescript as you main development tool? What is that best way to learn GraphQL? 45:00 Nader talks about a blog post on learning React Native and GraphQL. If someone wanted to take part in the open source of this project what would they need to do? 48:00 What do some of the people that the company do, besides open source. What are some of the things you do there?   **Picks **   **Nader React Native with Apollo ServerReact Training     Peter React Resolver  ** SashkoThunderTomJoin Monster   ** **   ** **  ** 


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