Adam Wolff of Facebook + Ryan Salva of Microsoft at Microsoft Build

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React Native Radio | Episode 66**   ** ** Panel Nader Dabit Guests: Adam Wolff; Director of Engineering at Facebook, and Ryan Salva Project Manager at MicroSoft at Microsoft Build.   Discussions and Questions: ** ** 1:04 Adam can you tell us about your background, and how you got into programming and into Facebok? How did you teach yourself? What you tell people to help accelerate their learning experience? 8:50 Nader talks and asks about open source at both companies. How do you see the future of React Native come along? How do you make decide on the features? Nader ask about species feature of companies like Air BnB. Ryan ask about features form the community? 12:30 Discussion continues about the community contribution of code and features of React Native, bridges between languages. 18:00 Nader talks about companies building apps and features with React Native. 21:00 Nader ask about how projects like Litho coming out at Facebook, and React for Android. Also how Facebook supports the cost and time for such projects.  Nader, ask about how MicroSoft is using React Native and Xamarin to get into the mobile space. 28:40 What would a React Native 1.0 release look like?  Nader asks where is front end is headed in next next few years? Nader ask about Graph QL. 35:00**Nader ask about getting started with Mobile Center.


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