Amazon Lambda and FullStack React with Sophia Shoemaker

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React Native Radio | Episode 56**   **Panel Nader Dabit Peter Piekarczyk Ali Najafizadeh Special Guest: Sophia Shoemaker** Discussions and Questions: ** ** 3:30 Sophia, can you introduce yourself and how you got into programming?   6:16 So how can people signup for the Full Stack React News letter? And the website has learning material right?  Were you more of a front-end or back-end developer, or did you get like writing code altogether, so you went to school to see where to go from there?   **9:15 So coming for a family with a technical background, your father and grandfather, are you able to talk about code with them, or are they doing old school stuff?   11:00 Can you talk about your presentation at React Conf., then we will go into AWS. What would be the initial use case for someone to get their feet wet with AWS Lamda, as a React, Front-end, Dev.   14:20 How does the cost work out or how are you charged? What is your recommend approach for someone to get started with AWS?   19:09 What is the difference between Lamda and Serverless? Are you able to have a command line interface? What types of applications works with it, Java?  ** 23:0 Sophia, what type of apps are your company and clients building with Lamda?   **31:30 Can you tell us about API Gateway? It there a way to locally test? Kevin talks about Local Stack testing tools.   41:00 If someone want to host an entire React application, would this be the way to do it, or is this only for API type stuff?  ** Picks ** ** Kevin Local Stack   Nader   SophiaBook Ali**DockerCayley 


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