Bonnie Eisenman - Learning React Native

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React Native Radio | Episode 49**   **Panel **   Nader Dabit Peter Piekarczyk Gant Laborde Bonnie Eisenman Discussions and Questions: ** ** 3:58 How did you get React Native and programming in general? 5:03 So do you work with React Native now? How did you move from the front end to the backend in a company like Twitter? 6:00 For someone getting started with React Native, what can you tell some one to become efficient and have an app in the app store themselves? 7:24 Is there anything you encounter that you wished React Native had?   **11:14 How much to do actually going into as far as the underlining concepts? 13:00 Can you go into the state of working with React Native in Windows…? 20:30 As far as your book goes Bonnie, do people get a digital copy of the book as well? And how to you go about the changes in the APIs? 25:00 Nader and the team discuss the quick advance of React Native 28:30 What are the most interesting problems now with React Native?  ** Picks **Nader The Joy of Game Theory: An Introduction to Strategic Thinking  ** BonnieCheap Bots Done QuickGoMex PeterReact Native IgniteGant**Cost of Modules 


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