Building Apple TV Apps feat Douglas Lowder

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React Native Radio | Episode 75**   **Panel Nader Dabit Peter Piekarczyk Guests : Douglas Lowder, Sales Force, React Native with Apple TV Discussions and Questions:**   **0:50 Can you tell us about yourself and how you got into programming?  ** 2:00 Can you give us an introduction on how React Native and Apple TV became a thing? How did it all get started?   **4:00 So someone can use React Native an build an app for Apple TV today?  ** 6:00 Before we get into Styling, would you even be in a situation where you deliver the same app for Apple TV and iPhone? What was the experience for you? So the fonts size is different?   8:00 What other languages did you have to integrate into this?   **13:00 What about the buttons for Siri? Or it that iOS side? Do you think that there will be an opportunity to build an app in tandem?  ** 16:30 For those who never programmed for Apple TV, is the environment the same as in iOS devices?   18:00 What type of apps are people developing for Apple TV? Media, Music..?   21:00 What else is Sales Force doing with React Native? Nader ask if the SDK is for React Native? Do you have an Apple TV simulator to test the apps?   Picks ** ** NaderMaster React Native Animations CoursePeter Graph QL - Apollo, Documentation   Doug**Victory Native Framework@douglowder


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