Building IOT Applications with React Native feat. Vladimir Novick


    React Native Radio | Episode 100


    Nader Dabit

    Peter Piekarczyk

    Gant LaBorde

    Special Guests: Vladimir Novick

    In this episode of React Native Radio, the panel talks to Vladimir Novick. Vladimir started with programming as a child and when React came out he jumped into the library. When React Native came out, he started to focus his time on that and is responsible for creating ReactJS Israel with one of his friends. They talk about the React community in Israel, what IoT is, and how React Native works with IoT. They also touch on his smarthome-manager, where people would go to get started with building IoT apps, and more!

    In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

    • Vladimir intro
    • React and React Native
    • How is the React community in Israel?
    • Hackathon
    • Won most extraordinary app
    • Pushing React Native to its limits
    • Developing game sin React Native
    • Vladimir’s React Native EU Presentation
    • Lightbulb moments
    • What is IoT?
    • Controlling appliances and devices with your phone through the internet
    • How does React Native fit into IoT?
    • Can’t rely only on IoT
    • People think it is really complicated
    • SmartHome Manager library
    • Manager for multiple smart appliances
    • What’s your go-to strategy for presenting these IoT appliances?
    • Raspberry Pi
    • Passing through plane security
    • Can you use Expo to build IoT apps?
    • GraphQL
    • Where should people go to get started with IoT apps?
    • VR and AR with React Native
    • And much, much more!