Building Progressive Web Apps Using React feat Nicole Chung


    React Native Radio | Episode 63



    Nader Dabit

    Peter Piekarczyk

    Kevin Old

    Special Guest: Nicole Chung – Building Progressive Web Apps Using React


    Discussions and Questions:



    Can you give us an over view of how you got into React and what you are doing with your career?



    So how long did it take from trying out programming to becoming employed? So what company are you with  now? Do you bring them to  launch, build and MVP, both or maintain them?



    What about Progressive Web app interest you, and are you working with those on your team? Can you talk about how you became a speaker at React Conf. Tell us about Progressive Web Apps, why would we want to go down that path?



    How what are some project that interest you of a Progressive Web App, and what are some of the techniques that you started to explore?



    Do you create an app that bundles and serves up different content based on there connection or do you try to optimize everything so it works fast as possible? What are the benefits, or plus and minus of going with a Web app versus as Native App/Hybrid App?



    What is the price difference between those type of apps? What is Lighthouse? Where is the process does Lighthouse come in, how do you use it? Are there any other tools you use? What do you focus on, when you are making these optimizations?



    So the newer version of http 2 is going to be faster? We would consider this stuff for more advance programmers..?



    Is build A Progressive Web App going to be a default?






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