Creating and Maintaining Successful Open Source feat Max Stoiber

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React Native Radio | Episode 53** Panel * Nader Dabit Gant LaBorde Special Guest: Max Stoiber Discussions and Questions:**   **3:30 Max can you give everyone an introduction to yourself?  So you get paid to work with open source projects? What project are you working with now? 5:38 Style Components can be use with React Native right? When you created Style Components, who was using it then and now, and where do you see it going in the future. 8:50 For those of use that have not heard of Style Components, can you tell use about it and help up catch  up? 11:57 Max can you tell us about how this happens from a high level view? Was something you build so it could automatically work with React Native, or did that take extra work? Are there any caveats or differences the use might have to think about before using it. 17:43 So when you are using server side rendering is there anything special you have to do with webpack, to get that working correctly? So are you say for every page load are you only getting the CSS required for a specific component?  ** 24:45 Where were the road blocks and challenges that you encountered, and how did you over come them? 38:50 Are there any lessons learned about how to how to get traction earlier when you are working open source? Nader mentions using Hashnode. More discussion on open source and the importance of gaining recognition and use from the project. 51:20 What do you think of being responsible for maintaining a project? 55:00 What advice would you give to new and old developers so they can progress in their career?   **Picks ** NaderRXJS Six Operators That You Should KnowIonicGantReact Native NewsLetterreactnative.ccChain React Conf MaxReact Conferences Spectical                       ** **   ** **  ** 


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