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Data Visualization in React Native featuring Peggy Rayzis of MLS

React Native Radio | Episode 64



Peter Piekarczyk

Caleb Meredith

Special Guest: Peggy Rayzis. Talking about Data Visualization on React and React Native.

Discussions and Questions:



Peggy can you tell us about your background, and how you got into programming? So how long from learning to code till now?  So did you start with Java Script or dive into React? Tell us what you do at the MLS?


So can you tell about what data visualization is and how it relates to MLS? So what are you using for implementation? 


Why was a cross platform important to you? How does victory to animations? Given that it is written in JS, was there any performance issues? Do you know it is using Set State? is there anything else that you been working on with Victory?


How do you decide what charts are best for your users? Are these web site going to be public tools, or are they going to be behind a pay wall?


So what will the real time Stack look like, and what will be look like when moved into React Native? Are you using subscription in your Graph QL APi? How did you team make the decision to use Graph QL? How to explain the benefits of Graph QL?


When you say code reuse, do you plan to reuse code between the web and React Native? 


Do you think that one day Create React App will use React Native Build tooling?  Do you think that it makes sense to build a React Native Facebook phone?






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