Detox Testing with React Native feat. Rotem Mizrachi Meidan of Wix

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React Native Radio | Episode 77**   ** ** Panel Nader Dabit of React Native TrainingPeter Piekarczyk of Orchard.aiGant Laborde of Infinite Red Guests : Rotem Mizrachi Meidan of Wix to Discuss Testing with Detox. In today’s show the React Native Radio team speaks with Rotem Mizrahi. Rotem is part of the core team of the mobile build at six , as he supports infrastructure and testing. Rotem speaks about the development of Detox and the important uses.   Discussions and Questions: Scaling Enterprise React Ops ** ** 1:00 Can you give us an intro and how you got into programming?   5:45 Can you tell up what Detox is and what is aims to do?   8:52 Can you tell up the difference of Blackbox testing or Grey Box testing?   **11:25 Can you go over unit testing? Are you interested in extending this, as React Native platforms start to pop up.   16:15 How was this build, was it Javascripting or Native Code? And who is going to be maintaining it?  ** 19:00 Is this something I can use the Jest for testing? Could you use Detox with something like Expo?   **23:10 Does this work with Perfecto and Amazon web test? What is the future of Detox?   Picks**   **Nader React Native - React 16Infinte Red  Peter EXP Deploy CLI  Gant Glue Gun      


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