Devin Abbott of Deco Software and React Native Express

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React Native Radio | Episode 51**   **Panel **   Nader Dabit Ali Najafizadeh Peter Piekarczyk Kevin Old Special Guest: Devin Abbott **Discussions and Questions:**   **3:15 So what have you been doing since the last time we talked to you? What made you want to write React Native Express?  ** 5:06 Can you talk about who would be that best users would be for React Native Express? So what were some of the technical challenges you came across when you were building?   **6:52 so does React Native Web handle the styling for you, so it can compile for the web correctly? Is it possible to download and tryout, and can one contribute back? Is there anything else you would add to React Native Express or do you consider this guide finished?   9:25 Can we talk about the new Navigation Action, can you talk about what you know? So is the Repo. ready for us to check out? Any idea when they may be releasing this Repo?  ** 9:45 So what are you guys doing at Decco Software, how is the IDE coming along? Can you describe what you are aiming for with Interface builder?   **21:21 Since you are building an IDE from scratch, can you tell us about it? Do have a favorite C project that you can share with us?   26:50 Can you talk about where you think React Native is going in the next few years?  What are you thoughts?  ** 30:25 So do you see that these obstacles are over come in the future, or do you think there will be another kind of technology that is the next step? Some talk about the challenges with new comers to React Native, using Redux and such tools. Also big companies like Wal Mart and Bloomberg that are using React Native.   **36:24 Are there any other projects that you want to talk about?  ** Picks ** ** NaderMachine Learning With Tensorflow https://www.tensorflow.orgReact Native Training  **Ali React Native WebRTC  Peter Power of Simplicity by Alan Kay   Kevin React Native Presist Package Link   Devin Apollo Graph.Cool      **   ** **   *  


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