Ethereum Development with React feat. Zubair Ahmed


    React Native Radio | Episode 90


    • Nader Dabit
    • Lee Johnson

    Guests: Zubair Ahmed

    In today’s show, the React Native Radio Host, Nader Dabit and Lee Johnson speak with Zubair Ahmed. Zubair is a Full stack React and Ethereum developer/engineer. Zubair talks about his background and experience with React, BlockChain, and Ethereum. The topics covered about about how the elements of Ethereaum and the inner workings of cryptocurrency such as gas price and gas limits. Zubair explains  and breaks down what and how this currency exists in the developer world.

    Topics and Questions discussed:  

    • What have you been able to transfers in both spaces of technology?
    • What is BlockChain?
    • Hash and how is works
    • Gas Price & Gas Limit
    • BlockChain, Ethereum and CryptoCurrency
    • Ether, value, and tokens
    • What would be a use case?
    • What could they apply this knowledge to?
    • Economics
    • Token values and economies
    • When is this going to become for of the norm?
    • Stellar
    • Solidity
    • Remix
    • MetaMask
    • Smart Contract
    • More on Solidity
    • And much more!