Facebook Marketplace Team feat. Konstantin Raev & Blair Vanderhoof

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React Native Radio | Episode 115**   **Panel:

  • Nader Dabit
  • Peter Piekarczyk
  • Konstantin Raev
  • Blair Vanderhoof Special Guests : Konstantin Raev and Blair VanderhoofIn today’s episode of the React Native Radio Podcast, the panel talks with Konstantin and Blair of the React Native developers Facebook Team. Topic covered are about Facebook Market Place, Performance, PrePack, Open Source, and new projects within the React Native team at Facebook. Topics and Questions Discussed: ** 1:27 -  Nader ask Blair and Konstantin for their backgrounds and how they started working at Facebook and developing with React Native. Blair and Konstantin each give their background and talks about their expertise in Web Development and their passion project within Face Book, such as Messenger, Market Place, and much more. 4 :00 -  Nader ask if Konstantin has a Node or JS background. Nader ask what Blair was working on before, and if he has ever worked in the Native space. Nader comments on the layouts in the Native space. 5:50 -  Nader ask about what they learn when working on Facebook Market place,  as far as performance. Konstantin talks about Type systems in your codebase. Konstantin shares about a upcoming talks he is going to do with Flame charts and native code. Nader ask about how those new to React Native ca approach this. 8:40 -  Blair and Konstantin talks about performance and how using React Native building Market Place is fast loading. Nader talks about the importance of speed and performance within Facebook and Amazon AWS. Nader ask their input on architecture. Konstantin share how the new architecture is help with performances. Konstantin talks but byte code and fast loading apps. 14:00 -  Konstantin talks about more public information form the React Native team and Facebook, and how people can search on blogs. Peter talks aobut Graff Bit, and how this is being implemented. 16:00 - Nader ask if they are involve in the open source development of React Native, or do they just use React Native. Blair and Konstantin talks about their task within Facebook as far as building and using React Native and the open source element of React Native. 20:00**-  Peter ask about React Native and Reason. Peter asks it Reason is being used in any part of Facebook Market Place. Konstantin explains their interaction with Reason, and their “Vanilla React Native.” Peter continues to ask about PrePack and bundles. Konstantin talks about trying to using PrePack with Market Place but shelving it.24:00 -  Nader ask about how they choose new products or projects to work on within Facebook. Blair explains the UI they get to create and how they get to pick and prioritize project while using React Native. 28:00 - Peter ask if they want to work on their own Framework and how they going about integrating project like that. Blair explains the Facebook motto and workflow for projects, and bringing in third party libraries. Peter talks about installing and self hosting. 32:00 -  Konstantin talks about the responsibility of those who bring in third part libraries, and making sure they work with the master version of React Native, because they do not know what version of React Native they are currently on. Konstantin talks about the security step they use within the React Native team. Peter ask about cook project in the open source area of React Native. 36:00 - Nader ask the team how could one work at the organization like Facebook. Nader ask about career tips and move listener could takeaway to help their developer career. Both Blair and Konstantin share their interview experience and career paths to get to a career like Facebook development. Links:
  • Market Place
  • PrePack
  • Blair Vanderhoof
  • https://twitter.com/blairvanderhoof Picks: Peter
  • Draft bit Konstantin
  • Node Modules
  • Yarn Blair
  • Reach out to Blair and Konstantin for Frontend Jobs in the future
  • React Native Nader
  • Godel, Esher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid
  • Chatt app - open source


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