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React Native Radio – Episode 120 Panel: Nader Dabit Gant Laborde Peter Piekarczyk Special Guests: Eli PerkinsIn today’s episode of the React Native Radio Podcast, the panel talks with Eli Perkins. They discuss the ins-and-outs of Fastlane, how Fastlane can help you with your next project, how it’s open source, and much more! At the end of the episode, they mention some upcoming conferences. Topics and Questions Discussed: 0:11 – Nader welcome everyone and mentions our guest, Eli! 0:40 – Nader: Gives us your introduction, please. 0:49 – Eli: I have been a developer for 9 years now. 2:05 – Nader: The topic is Fastlane – could you tell us what it is and give us your elevator pitch, please. 2:13 – Guest. 3:18 – Panel: What are the cool things that you have seen so far? 4:25 – Nader: What are the pain points that you are running into that Fastlane helps resolve? 4:55 – Guest. 9:00 – Panel: Does all of this work well with React Native, too? Have things gotten better? 9:25 – Guest: Yeah it’s a constant struggle within the community. Guest continues. 12:25 – Nader: I hear the word “community” come up a lot. Is Fastlane an open source project and how do you use it – do you pay for it? 12:50 – Guest: Yes Fastlane’s code is completely open source. The guest talks about Fastlane’s board. 16:21 – Nader: That’s cool. What is the workflow for implementation of Fastlane? How much of a shift is it? 16:36 – Guest: You can create a fast file – 5 lines of code. 17:26 – Nader: What are some of the most useful things that it does automate? Icons? Anything else? 17:40 – Guest. 21:05 – Nader: I feel that 50% of the questions around stack overflow were around provisioning profiles. 21:17 – Guest. 21:26 – Guest. 21:57 – Nader: We know what problems it does solve. What does it not solve, yet? 22:10 – Guest: Actually, I’ve thought about this before. 24:06 – Panel: We talked about the community-side, but is there a paid plan for Fastlane? 24:26 – Guest: I don’t think Fastlane takes any money from anything/anyone. 24:50 – Nader: How does this work into continuous deployment and integration? People like to automate everything nowadays. 25:09 – Guest. It depends on your company’s goals are and what you needed automated. 27:13 – Nader: Where would the script run? 27:27 – Guest. 27:45 – Nader: Do you do things with Fastlane like Jenkins? What’s your experience like? 28:00 – Guest. 32:25 – Guest: Go to Chain React.33:57 – Nader: Picks! 35:02 – Nader: Thanks for coming on to the show, Eli! 35:20 – Nader: Where can people find you online? 35:27 – Guest: Twitter and others! Links:


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