Gabe Greenberg and Brandon Konkle of G2i + Reactiflux

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React Native Radio | Episode 55**   **Panel **   Nader Dabit Kevin Old Special Guests: Gabe Greenberg and Brandon Konkle of G2i **Discussions and Questions:**   **3:40 Gabe, can you give everyone a brief over view of yourself and how you got into programming? 5:20 So what was your trail from there after you started built that website? 6:50 Brandon, so how did you get into programming? 9:35 So what is your role, do you work at G2i? Or do you have other things that you are doing? 10:20 Gabe can you talk about G2i, and how you came about this particular way of doing business? 15:00 What did yo learn about the kind of interaction with the client? Can and talk about the sizes of the projects and timeline you found that work? What type of industries do you work with, is there are particular kind?  ** 17:20 Does the client usually dictate the text stack, or is that something you do? And do yo do backend work as well, or is it only front end? Do you do any Native Development stuff, Hybrid, or Ionic? So do you find that you are build React native apps that integrate with an existing backend?   **21:10 So what percentage of you apps are pure React Native JS code, verse needing a plugin  written on Obj. C or Java? Can you talk about your developing cycle? Have you had a chance on any of those apps that don't require custom Native components, to use something like Exp. JS to go back and forth with your client as you creating a  prototype. 23:50 Can either of you talk about how many deployment your had of Code Push? How many app have live updates, and do any have issues? When you release a new update, do you use the staging and production bundles? What is you process of hiring developers and working with them? How do you vet you developers? 29:10 Do you work with the developer on an hour rate basis? Since you have Developers all over the world, and not everyone and be in one building, can you talk about your remote work set up? How many hours does a G2i developer work? 38:20 So you talk about how you are able to get client work, and do you get repeat clients? Do you have the infrastructure in maintaining for your existing clients? 42:00 Can you go into any desktop development other any web or mobile? How did you come across the idea to put someone like that on a project? what has your experience been with Learna?  ** Picks ** ** KevinReact Navigation  React Native Parallax Scroll View   React Native Lightbox  Gabe   **Brandon React Native Web RTC  


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