Geeky Ants feat. Sanket Sahu & Saurabh Sahu

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React Native Radio | Episode 95** Panel **

  • Nader Dabit
  • Gant Laborde of Infinite Red Guests : Sanket Sahu and Saurabh Sahu of Geeky AntsIn today’s show, the React Native Radio Host, Nader Dabit and Gant Laborde speak with Sanket Sahu and Saurabh Sahu of Geeky Ants.  Sanket and Saurabh talk about how they started their mobile app development company and working with open source, client projects, and cross platform development and much more. Topics covered are about Native Base, BuilderX, and their work with React Native. Topics and Questions discussed:
  • Company history and what they do
  • Native Base
  • Open source contributions
  • Builder X
  • What are you choices for React Native?
  • State management
  • GraphQL - Do you do tool around that?
  • Apollo Boost
  • How are you handling user authentication?
  • Graph Cool
  • How do you manage the deployment?
  • One stop solutions
  • Firebase
  • Building open source projects
  • Useful and successful projects
  • Contributions to open source
  • Mobile frameworks shifting
  • How do you decide what framework to use?
  • And much more! Links:
  • Geeky Ants
  • Saurabh Sahu
  • Builder X
  • Native Base
  • Firebase Picks: Gant
  • Chain React Conference
  • Solidarity Nader
  • Shoe Dog
  • org/learn Sanket
  • Ignite 3.0


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