Getting Hired as a React or React Native Developer feat. Lee Johnson & Dave Sibiski of G2i & Mike Grabowski of Callstack

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React Native Radio | Episode 88**   **Panel Spencer Carli Nader Dabit Gant LaBorge Dave Sibiski Lee Johnson Mike G. Guests : Dave Sibiski, Lee Johnson of G2i & Mike Grabowski of Callstack In today’s show, the React Native panelist spend with Dave and  Lee of G2i  about how to get a job or a contract as a freelancer working in React or React Native, and working as a developer in general. G2i is a company that vets talent and find contracts and full-time placement with a focus on developers in React and React Native. Lee describes the process for applicants as they are tested and profiled for specific jobs in their React are React Native field. Topics and Questions discussed:


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