Graphcool and GraphQL feat Nikolas Burk

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React Native Radio | Episode 70**   **Panel Nader Dabit Peter Piekarczyk Guests: Nikolas Burk of Graphcool Discussions and Questions:**   **0:40 Tell us about yourself, how you got into programming, and how you got into Graphcool? 3:00 So what attracted you to the technology or Graphcool and Graph QL? 6:00 For those who are new to this, can you give us an introduction to Graphcool? 7:00 So how was Graphcool built on the backend? What kind of database is paired with this? Peter ask about the functions with Node…  ** 11:00 What do you thing of Graph Q adoption and the environment? Peter ask about advantages. 21:00 How do you think of Graphcool, GraphQL  go with the emergence of the mobile platform? 25:00 Nader ask about how people look at these technologies seriously in the traditional native space. 31:00 So for someone getting started with Graph Ql Graphcool do you recommend then to use a client, and is Apollo the only client out there? 34:00 What makes this good to work with React Native, as far as Graph QL or Graphcool?   Picks ** ** NaderChain React Conf.The End of AlchemyPeterReasonNikolas**Website - How to GraphQLGraphQL Talks 


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