Hasura feat. Tanmai Gopal and Rishichandra Wawhal


    React Native Radio | Episode 112


    Special Guests:

    In today’s episode of the React Native Radio Podcast, the panel talks with Tanmai Gopal and Rishichandra Wawhal! The two guests talk about their company, Hasura. Check-out today’s episode to hear about the guests’ background and their company!

    Topics and Questions Discussed:

    0:00 – Nader: Our two special guests today are Tanmai Gopal (San Francisco, CA) and Rishichandra Wawhal (India)!

    0:25 – Guests: Hello!

    0:40 – Nader: Can you give us an introduction of who you are and how you got into programming? Also, what is and give us an elevator pitch, please.

    0:57 – Guest.

    1:42 – 2nd Guest gives his background and talks about the company.

    2:12 – Nader: What is the company, Hasura about? What kind of company is it and how did it start? Where is everyone located, too?

    2:31 – Guest.

    4:00 – Nader: Is this the first company you’ve started? And how did you get into this sort of stuff?

    4:10 – Guest.

    5:58 – Nader: Graph QL – I’ve heard so much about it. Can you talk about why you chose Graph QL as an implementation of this sort of idea?

    6:25 – Guest answers the question.

    10:20 – Nader: With Graph QL what are the benefits of using something like Hasura? I would think you wouldn’t want to spend a lot of time by building something from scratch. Can you give me an idea of why someone would want to use Hasura as opposed to building their own API?

    10:53 – Guest: It’s exactly what you just said.

    14:53 – Nader: Interesting – if you want to work with Hasura on the backend what would you want to use for the client? Something like Apollo or something like…is that right?

    15:07 – Guest.

    15:38 – Nader: Most of the people are using probably for the client and for real-time?

    15:45 – Guest: Exactly.

    15:54 – Nader: Why would mobile developers look at Graph QL rather than the traditional rest API?

    16:26 – The guest answers the question.

    21:01 – Nader: If something is building their next React Native App – what would the process look like? Where do they need to go and what do they need to do?

    21:21 – Guest: Figure out where they want to host. Choose Heroku.

    25:39 – Nader: Yeah I was going to ask about the client.

    What about documentations are concerned – where could they go?

    25:53 – Guest.

    28:12 – Nader: Any picks for today?