Haul + React Native Roundup featuring Mike Grabowski of Callstack.io

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React Native Radio | Episode 60**   **Panel Nader Dabit Gant Laborde Special Guest: Mike Grabowski - Haul   Discussions and Questions:** 0:48 Can you talk about Haul, why you made it and what it does? 2:40 So what problem is Haul solving for the average developer?   **5:10 Can you talk bout how the significance of Sim-links… 15:50 So do you see Facebook picking up Haul as the go to packager…or do you see both evolving? 17:17 So what is the easiest way to get started with Haul? Can you highlight anything going on with things like React Navigation… 20:20 So does that mean the APIs are going to change for React?  ** Picks   GantReact Native EUNader **PrettierMicrosoft Build 


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