Immer & MobX State Tree feat. Michel Weststrate


    React Native Radio | Episode 92


    • Nader Dabit
    • Spencer Carli

    Guests: Michel Westrate

    In today’s show, the React Native Radio Host, Nader Dabit and Spencer Carli speak with Michel Weststrate about Immer and MobX state tree. Both libraries are written by Michel. Michel does open source and tech leads about Mendix. Mendix is an enterprise software vender that Michel works for currently. Michel and React Native Radio discuss MobX State Tree and Immer libraries, and other areas of Mendix.

    Topics and Questions discussed:

    • How did you get into programming?
    • Background
    • Mendix
    • Mobx
    • Consultancy within Mendix
    • Brief overview of Immer
    • Immutiable data structures
    • Immutiabel JS
    • Where would this be use within React and React Native?
    • How is this implemented behind the senses to make it simple?
    • Anti uses case for Immer?
    • Deep updates
    • What is Produce?
    • GraphQl and immutable data?
    • Resouces for Immer
    • MobX state tree vs. MobX – Relation
    • Mobile library
    • How reference works in MobX
    • How did you develop this API?
    • Can MobX Sate Tree be use with other things beside React?
    • Dependency within MobX and MobX State Tree
    • Best Practices?
    • And much more!