Ionic, Capacitor, & Cordova feat. Max Lynch of Ionic

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React Native Radio | Episode 93** Panel **

  • Nader Dabit
  • Spencer Carli of HandleBar Labs
  • Lee Johnson of G2i Guests : Max Lynch of IonicIn today’s show, the React Native Radio Host, Nader Dabit and Spencer Carli, and Lee Johnson speak with Max Lynch of Ionic. Max is based in Madsen Wisconsin and has been working building the company Ionic for the last 5 years. Ionic is an open source project that helps web developers build apps for the App Store. Max describes the companies foundation with building apps and the background of Ionic. Topics and Questions discussed:
  • What does Ionic do? Ionic is an open source project that help build apps.
  • The company behind Ionic
  • Flagship open-sourcing
  • Are you a remote company?
  • Working remotely/tools to make it possible
  • IRC
  • How do the company make its money?
  • Ionic business model
  • Can you talk about where Ionic started and the future?
  • Web native - Building apps
  • Is there going to be a future version of Ionic? Ionic 4
  • Tools - Stencil
  • Can you talk about Capacitor?
  • Cordova
  • Are you implementing Native SDKs?
  • Did you have to know about the Native platforms for this project?
  • What types of apps are people building with Ionic?
  • Does Capacitor fit in separate from Ionic?
  • Capacitor is a replacement for Cordova
  • How many component can work with Capacitor?
  • Dev Ops
  • Open Source and charging
  • Where should people go to get started with Ionic? April
  • com
  • Capacitor Ionic framework
  • And much more! Links:
  • io
  • @maxlynch
  • Picks: Lee
  • JavaScript Framework Spencer
  • Travels with Charley In search of America Nader
  • Wait! What happens when my React Native App starts
  • Push Notifications AWS Amplify Max
  • Mechanical Keyboard


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