Joel Arvidsson and Ben Kreeger - Building the Vogue App

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React Native Radio | Episode 52**   **Panel Nader Dabit Gant LaBorde Kevin Old Special Guest: Joel Arvidsson and Ben Kreeger with the Vogue App. Discussions and Questions:**   **3:30 Ben can you give us an introduction and how you got into programming? Were you doing any Native React development in Android as well? 5:00 Joel, how did you get into programming? How do you compare the overall solution that React native creates as oppose to Native iOS develpment? 6:26 How did the idea for the Vogue App come about and do you work with them as full time employees or do consulting? 7:32 Have either of you working Graph QL prior to this project? So how many people on the team, just you two?  ** 9:45 I am interested for what you choose for State management or Node modules?   **12:12 About how long for the app to build? Was it only an iOS launch or Android as well? Did you have any custom native module you had to build? 18:50 Can you talk about the preformance tools you used to help with the performance optimization of the app? What version of RN did you have to start with, and how many version did you have to go through? 24:34 Can you talk about your testing for iOS and Android for RN, and how has it been going for you? 28:00 For CI, What did you use for Vogue?  Do you guys do any remote code deployment throught the JS side, somewhere to code push? So were there any technical challenges? 38:00 What did you like and not like about React Native? 42:00 Can you talk about the agency that you work with and what you all do?  ** Picks ** ** NaderZero To DevOps Native Training GantChain React Conference  Rocket Book  KevinTodoist  IFTT Ben Atom Reveal Record Bird                 ** **   ** **  ** 


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