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React Native Radio | Episode 62**   **Panel Nader Dabit Peter Piekarczyk Ali Najafizadeh Special Guest: Leland Richardson from Airbnb   Discussions and Questions:**   **0:34 Can tell us how you got into programming and how it lead you to this career at Air BnB?   5:46 So, you did not get a programming degree, and you were self-trained? Peter and Nader talk about being self-taught in programming and breaking the barrier to get a job in programming.  ** 8:30 Leland, how do you continue your education, is it still with online courses?  Do you like the mobile space rather than the web?   12:50 How was React Native introduced to Airbnb? So, what were some of the main issues you had to overcome?   20:30 What has been the reaction and consensus with using React Native? If you could start over what would you do differently? Did you ever feel like people were against it? Did you think in the future Airbnb will replace the Native part and ship in React Native?   18:20 Was the Maps app something you all built internally?   **38:50 Where do you see the future of React Native, and Airbnb?  ** 45:20 What is your vision of targeting other in this platform, React XP, Windows…etc.?   59:00 Check out the Repo. React Primitives Repo. Can you talk about the sketch thing that you guy is working on? Is it going to be a plugin for the app on Sketch?   1:09:00 Can you go over Native Navigation? Who would be a good uses case? Why does Airbnb use Native Navigation?     **Picks **   **Ali The 4 steps to getting an Idea https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JPJ3oy-rWUk   Leland GraphCool https://www.graph.cool/**   **Nader Charlie Cheever talk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xS10bg88NqU


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