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Visual Studio App Center feat. Simina Pasat, Ryan Salva, and Keith Ballinger

React Native Radio | Episode 81


Nader Dabit

Guests: Ryan Salva, Keith Ballinger, Simina Pasat

In today’s show the Nader Dabit of React Native Radio speaks with team members of the  Microsoft App Center at the 2017 Microsoft Connect conference in New York. Nader and the Microsoft Team discuss new announcements of the App Center and specific projects React Native developers can look forward too in the future of Microsoft and React Native.


  • App Center is new a G8 product
  • Testing and Distribution
  • What is App Center?
  • Hockey App
  • React Native in the Tool Chain
  • Cross Platform
  • Building Developer tools
  • Complex programs
  • Tools that adapt to the projects
  • Building tools that make developers efficient
  • VS Code and extensions
  • How does the App Center fit into the workflow as a web developer
  • Push notifications
  • Plans for App Center
  • Crash Reporting
  • Code Push
  • Protecting data


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