Microsoft React Native and Mobile Tooling with Parashuram Anarasi and Keith Ballinger

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React Native Radio | Episode 50**   **Panel Nader Dabit Peter Piekarczyk Ali Najafizadeh Special Guest: Microsoft Team: Keith Ballinger and Parashuram Anarasi Discussions and Questions:**   **3:15 Ram, we had you on before, can you give us a quick introduction to yourself? Keith this is you first time on the show, can you give us an introduction and tell us how you got into programming and developing? 5:18 So you are part of the team that actually built the dot net frame work in C#? 6:06 What currently happening with Xamarin? 8:00 How can people try that out? Do they just download visual studio? Does is run the device, in the window there, or how does that work? 9:45 Are there any limitations, would you use it of UIs? 11:30 Swift Playground is kind of a video game, is that the same idea? How had the adoption been, as far as Xamarin, since Microsoft picked it up? So sound like there was not much issue with going open source? 17:50 Can you talk about the VS code Tooling and Code Push? 23:00 SO how do people use the VS Code/ Xponet feature? What do they need? So is that something people can start using right now? 28:17 Are there any limitations? Did you happen to mention anything about live reloading or hot reloading? So if I were getting started I would install the React Native tools extension….? Are there any concern with hot reloading or does it working the same way? 30:00 Some discussion about Flow. 38:00 Can you go into what the Microsoft mobile Center is about and what it does? 47:00 Its sound like your guys are trying to create on one stop shop? Or can you use any kind or platform? 50:00 Just in case. Can you go over what Code Push is for those you do not know? 56:36 Do you guy have a plan to open source the server side of Code Push?  ** Picks **Nader Machine Learning Recipes  ** Ram Maya-kai  PeterReact Native Credit Card Input Keith The Undoing Project by Micheal Lewis     ** **   ** **  ** 


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