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React Native Radio | Episode 58** Panel * Peter Piekarczyk Nader Dabit, Special Guest: MobX with Michel Weststrate** Discussions and Questions: ** ** 3:30 Can you tell us how you got into MobX and what you do for a living? 5:00 What is the primary language you program in? How about in the past, were you into Java Script? So with you company you a with, do you write a lot of Java Script? Do you want Type Script with React too? What does that Stack look like? 7:24 Can you tag about how MobX came about? So have you been surprise of how popular and how it has been used by open source communities? So why did yo not use something like Redux or something out of the box? What did you not like about Redux? 11:46 Can you go into how MobX was built, its is using RXJS or something like that right?  Can you give us a quick over view how Observables work? How is this comparable to Redux for those you would like to learn to use it instead? 14:20 Can you talk about the API? A lot of people associate MobX with React is that a fair assumption? 22:10 So what are some best practices of using MobX for server side rendering? If someone want to learn MobX, where would they to learn about examples and resources? 23:0 Is this your first successful open source project? And how to you keep on top of this with your regular job?   **30:00 What is MobX State Tree? Can you talk about the future of MobX? Do you ever see yourself creating a framework that will supersede MobX? 41:00 I an curious of your option of React Native? Michel talks about job opportunities at his company.  ** Picks ** ** Peter Reason Language Nader **Shoutem V5https://new.shoutem.comChain React 


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