Modern JavaScript feat. Wes Bos


    React Native Radio | Episode 87


    Nader Dabit

    Guests: Wes Bos

    In today’s show, Nader Dabit speaks with Wes Bos, Wes is a full stack JavaScript developer from Canada. Wes is most known for the course he creates to help developers get up to speed in various topics of development.  Wes mentions that his courses  half free and paid, and they focus on various technologies like, CSS grid, Flexbox, JavaScript, React, ES6 and much more. Wes in on the show to talk about his current projects, courses, designs, and some need-to-know information with you working in React Native.

    Topics and Questions discussed:

    • Why are you passionate about teaching?
    • Good designs – Is that something you do?
    • CSS content
    • Knowing JS to do React Native
    • ES6 for everyone
    • Need to with React Native
    • Template literals
    • Classes
    • Generators
    • React – Framework – Where is the Ecosystem going?
    • Server rendering
    • Serverside
    • Thinking of React…
    • SEO handling
    • Do you do traditional SEO?
    • Tips on course creation
    • Speak at conferences
    • Graph QL – What do you think of it?
    • And much more!