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React Native Radio | Episode 80** Panel Nader Dabit Peter Piekarczyk Gant LaBorde   Guests : Florian Rival In today’s show the React Native Radio team speaks with Florian Rival. Florian is a software developer in Paris., specializing in build applications in React Native and interested in cross platform applications. Florian is on React Native Radio to talk bout building Native Modules with React Native.   Discussions and Questions: Native Modules in React Native ** ** 1:40 Can you give us an intro and how you got into programming?   **3:05 What exactly is a Native Module, and how would you describe that in a React Native ecosystem?   4:30 Do you have to worry about when React Native upgrades to a new version, or does is just work to together? What do you recommend with you expertise on the pod file?  ** 7:10 What kind of CI do you have if there is a break in Facebook?   10:10 When you are first starting to write a library, do you have to have a lot of experience with Objective C or JavaScript? Or is it something you can pick it up quickly? React Native has been around for sometime now, are there modules missing in the ecosystem?   **14:30 What are some thing you look forward to in the Native Module space?   21:00 If someone wanted to build a Native Module what would be the easiest way for them to go?    ** Picks ** ** NaderReact Native TrainingHow We Build Our React Native AppPeterEXP Deploy Reason 3  Gant**


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