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Navigation in Depth feat. Spencer Carli of Handlebar Labs

React Native Radio | Episode 83



Nader Dabit

Guests: Spencer Carli

In today’s show the Nader Dabit of React Native Radio speaks Spencer Carly.  Spencer runs a company called HandleBar Labs, where he does online digital training with a focus on React Native. Spencer’s training consists of tutorial videos  on the basics  of React Native to shipping and app and production.  Spencer is on React Native Radio to discuss navigation with React and React Native. This is a great episode to learn more about navigation in the React and React Native platforms.

Topics and Questions discussed:

  • Can you give an overall view of Navigation in React Native? Where should we begin?
  • React Navigation and React Native Navigation.
  • You have just begun working with React Native Navigation?
  • What has changed in React Navigation?
  • Dealing with thing like dealing with iPhone X screen…
  • Can you talks about why one would choose one over the other, concerning Navigation?
  • Taping to the native things
  • Are there any huge bugs?
  • Github issues
  • What is the process like to resolve and merge? How would one contribute?
  • What version are we on with React Navigation? 21
  • React Navigation library?
  • Going from React Native to React Web? What should we be aware of with this change?
  • Are the any new navigation library are anything else new coming out?
  • Would like to see a unified API…
  • And much more!







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