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React Native Radio Episodes

14 React Native and Redux with Ali Najafizadeh

We discuss integrating Redux with React Native with special guest Ali Najafizadeh. We also talk about React Native open source projects that he is working on at Pressly.

13 A Day in the Life of a React Native Developer

In this episode, we go into workflows, tools, settings, debugging, and everything else that goes along with developing a React Native application.

12 React Native In Production with Adam Miskiewicz

We discuss using React Native in production.

11 Brent Vatne React Native General Discussion

In this episode, we go into an array of topics with React Native guru Brent Vatne.

10 React Native Android Development with Andy Street

We discuss developing mobile Android applications with Andy Street, an engineer at Facebook working on React Native

09 Animating in React Native with Jason Brown

A discussion about creating animations using various React Native apis.

08 Bridging React Native Components with Tadeu Zagallo of Facebook

We discuss in depth bridging as well as building custom components with React Native. Special guest Tadeu Zagallo, Software Engineer at Facebook working on React Native

07 React Native Playground with Joshua Sierles

React Native Radio | Episode 7 Panel Nader Dabit Peter Piekarczyk Kevin Old Jed Watson Joshua Sierles   (0:40) Josh would you like to tell us about yourself? (1:55) What were some of...