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React Native at Artsy feat. Orta Therox

React Native Radio | Episode 84



Nader Dabit

Gant LaBorde

Guests: Orta Therox


In today’s show, Nader Dabit and Gant LaBorde of React Native Radio speak with Orta Therox. Orta is the on the show to talk about how React Native and certain technologies are used build the Artsy website. Artsy is a website that is an outlet for the art world and Orta talks about the unique architecture of the website. Orta explains how it this website is an open source project and is like a model for open source type websites.


Topics and Questions discussed:

  • Can you give an overall view of how you got on with Artsy?
  • Open source
  • What is Artsy?
  • Orta was hired as a remote engineer, to work as an open source project
  • Dependency
  • Using Reason?
  • Using JavaScript?
  • Functional Programming
  • iOS
  • Tool Hackers
  • How did the Native Engineers feel about this?
  • Using Relay…
  • Using Graph QL
  • Danger
  • ProBot
  • How would someone build a successor to Danger?
  • What is your role at Artsy?
  • And much more!






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