React Native at Eaze featuring Erica Cooksey


    React Native Radio | Episode 101


    Nader Dabit

    Lee Johnson

    Special Guests: Erica Cooksey

    In this episode of React Native Radio, the panel talks to Erica Cooksey. Erica works at Eaze, which is a technology platform in California that facilitates marijuana delivery. Erica herself got a degree in Mathematics and Computer Science and is really interested in Android application development. They talk about what it’s like working at a big company like Amazon or Walmart versus Eaze, her general overview of working with React Native, and some Android-related pitfalls that they had. They also touch on her experience with the React Native maps library, if they looked at other cross-platform options before deciding to use React Native, and more!

    In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

    • Erica and Eaze intro
    • 20 minute deliveries of marijuana through their website or app
    • React Native for app development
    • What’s been the major differences between your past jobs and your current one?
    • Begin a part of the development process in a small company
    • Working at a marijuana company
    • Where do the engineers work?
    • Was Eaze a React Native app from the beginning?
    • Scrapped previous back-end for React Native
    • Using a single platform solution
    • General overview of working with React Native
    • Eaze uses 3 different apps to run its operation
    • Being able to CodePush
    • Component tree issues
    • Hierarchy viewer
    • Did you try creating a hybrid app?
    • Problems with the React Native Bundler
    • Her experience working with the React Native maps library
    • Nader’s issues with React Native maps
    • React Native at Airbnb article
    • What is your take on the article?
    • Resources make a big difference when it comes to experience
    • Did you look at any other cross-platform options other than React Native?
    • Implementing Brownfield applications with React Native
    • She will be speaking at Chain React
    • And much, much more!