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React Native Radio | Episode 114**   **Panel:

  • Nader Dabit
  • Spencer Carli
  • Peter Piekarczyk Special Guests : Evan BaconIn today’s episode of the React Native Radio Podcast, the panel talks with Christian and Eric about various topics; such as: Flow, Flutter, C, C++, React Native, React, React Navigation, and much more! Check out today’s episode to hear all of the details. Topics and Questions Discussed: ** 1:27 -  Evan you have done a lot of cool stuff but how did you get into React Native?  Evan talks about working at Brog Design and build Native App. Evan talks about his experience with Ionic and how he was surprise with React Native, then moved to Expo. 3:00**-  Nader mentions that Evan is known worldwide as a Master Lego Builder. Evan talks about his fame a a master lego builder and being featured in People are Awesome. Spencer chimes in about Lego Building.4:30-  Nader ask if Evan went to school for programming. Evan explains that he was self taught and joking sold his kidneys to buy legos. Nader ask about Evan’s role at Evan talks about adding new features to Expo. Evan talks about working with Firebase and experimenting. Evan talks about working to get the Firebase modules in the system.7:00 - Peter ask what Evan’s road map to experimenting with different modules. Evan explain he workflow to experiment with the adding of features to the modules. 9:00-  Spencer ask how they make things so easy to work with. Spencer talks about the ease of working in Expo. Evan talks about the Lean Core or something called the Thinning. Evan mentions things adds the Turtle build. Nader mention that it is call the Slimming. Nader talks about the Flat List and other aspects of slimming React Native.13:00-  Evan is ask to talk about his opinions of Flutter and other thoughts of Lean Core. Evan talks about going to React Wednesday and asking questions.16:00 -  Spencer talks about Facebook apps and components being pullout so they can be better maintained. Evan mention Image and other kinds of open source projects and repos. 19:00 -  Nader talks about how navigation was pulled or copied from React Native, into other technologies. Peter talks about the feature of Flutter. Evan share technologies that fall out of phase with what the community is using. 21:00 -  Nader asks about exciting things happening at Expo. Evan shares about TypeScripts Support. Evan shares about AR Core and its implementations, and the Firebase with Expo.  Nader asks what features about going to be implement with adding Firebase. Evan explains that detail of the build with the bundle. 26:00 -  Nader ask about someone can take advantage of the AR features. Peter ask about the open GL, how do the internals of that work. Evan explain with Web GL to help explain the open GL.  Peter joke about people throwing Shade and Shader. 30:00 -  Nader mentions the thread about what people don’t like about React Native. Nader talks about Evan working about Expo. Evan talks about the culture and talent of working at Expo. Evan working with Charlie Chever. Peter rants about the talent at Expo. 35:00   -  Nader asks if there was anything Evan wants to mention before sign off. Evan mention a few of projects at Expo and React Navigation. 38:00   -  Nader talks about where people can learn more about Expo. Evan talks about making tutorials for Expo. Also some reference form Urban Dictionary. Links:
  • WikiPedi -  Evan Bacon
  • Evan Bacon
  • GitHub - Evan Bacon
  • Medium - Evan Bacon
  • LinkedIn - Evan Bacon
  • io
  • People are Awesome
  • Lean Core
  • Slimmening Picks: Spencer
  • React Native School
  • @Spencer_Carli Evan
  • React Native Contributions Nader
  • Finite and Infinite Games


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