React Native at Product Hunt feat. Radoslav Stankov and Vlad Vladimirov


    React Native Radio | Episode 103


    Nader Dabit

    Special Guests: Radoslav Stankov and Vlad Vladimirov

    In this episode of React Native Radio, the panel talks to Radoslav Stankov and Vlad Vladimirov, who are engineers at Product Hunt. They talk about why they came to Product Hunt, how the company works and collaborates remotely, and the general size and operation of Product Hunt. They also touch on the overview of the Product Hunt mobile app, the benefits and issues to using React Native to create the application, roadblocks and issues he ran into, and more!

    In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

    • Rado and Vlad intro
    • Why did you come to Product Hunt?
    • Love being able to work for a company that they actually use
    • What they did before Product Hunt
    • Mobile to web development
    • React and React Native
    • How the Product Hunt team collaborates remotely
    • “Remote by accident”
    • No email policy company
    • The idea that everyone should be able to be full-stack so there are no dependencies
    • How many people work at the company?
    • Overview of the Product Hunt mobile app
    • Most users are iOS
    • Using React Native to develop the app
    • Benefits of using React Native
    • Issues with React Native
    • Completed the basics and then scaled from user reviews
    • Were you also maintaining the old iOS app while working on this new one?
    • JavaScript
    • Very scared about switching to React Native and JavaScript
    • What were some of the issues and roadblocks with React Native that you ran into?
    • Debugging
    • And much, much more!