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React Native Radio | Episode 74**   ** ** Panel Nader Dabit Kevin Old Peter Piekarczyk Guests : Garrett McCullough from   Discussions and Questions: ** ** 1:06Garret, can you tell us about yourself and how you got into programming, and working at  2:30 What were you working on before React Native?   **4:00 Can you tell up about the app you created at build? Also, tell us about what you sell about Who is this targeting for?  ** 10:00 What are the considerations to get started? Nader ask Peter about Trunk Club and the app build features and processes.   15:00 Some talk on Flat List issues.   **17:00 What are some of the community projects, or things to integrate? With authentication is that something you handle on the backend? Have you had any issues with Async storage?  ** 22:00 Do you happen  to use Reselect? What you walk us through the user experience?   28:00 What are some of the challenges building for mobile? Before this app was built in RN, what was it built in?   30:00 Are you experimenting with GraphQL? Are there this you would like to share to help those who want to start an e-commerce app ?     Picks ** ** KevinBouncer Pattern - ArticleDeep Dive Into Functional JavascriptRamda JS PeterFlow Type - Linting Garret**React Developer ToolsTruckee -  Town


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