React Native Elements + Sustainable Open Source featuring Monte Thakkar & Binoy Patel


    React Native Radio | Episode 67



    Nader Dabit

    Peter Piekarczyk

    Kevin Old

    Guests: Monte Thakker & Binoy Patel on React Native Elements and Open Source.

    Discussions and Questions:



    Monte and Binoy can you tell us about yourself and how you got into programming? Nader talks about RN Elements.


    Can you talk about your thoughts about open source, and getting involve with open source?


    Do you still like you have the imposture syndrome after woking on RN elements for so long? Do you have any particular project that you are working on? How do you handle the pool requests? Nader talks about handling pool request on open source projects.


    Know the both of you are maintainers, but have you ever released any of your own projects? Can you talk  about deal with those and being responsive to the open source community?


    Nader talks about his ideas for working on open source projects, and how RN element is current being managed. Kevin ask about the architecture of how Elements functions now.


    Kevin ask about dealing with issues in React Native Elements and native code? Nader talks about keeping things working cross platform or iOS and Android? Peter ask if they going to keep it cross platform with the Web?


    Has the community been receptive and how are you managing this issues as the projects grow?  Nader start a discussion about his ideas with React Training, how things should be handled.


    Nader compared open source to speaking at conferences.


    Kevin talks about the Patreon model, and doing unique consulting. Nader ask about Open Collective.


    The panel and guess discuss ideal business models concerning open source project and the sales of services and developing new projects.





    Natural Language Processing  – Google Cloud Platform



    Udemy Course – Graph QL Course by Steven Greyder

    Event – Chain React Conf.



    Tool – Microsoft Portable Keyboard

    Book – Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance

    Tool – Husky

    React Native Progress



    Doc. – Apollo at Expo



    Article – Shelly Palmer

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