React Native Filesystem feat Ben Hseih

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React Native Radio | Episode 72**   ** ** Panel Nader Dabit Peter Piekarczyk Guests : Ben Hseih React Native File System   Discussions and Questions: ** ** 1:10 Ben, can you tell us about yourself and how you got into programming?   4:40 Did you have any experience with Native iOS and Native Android Development before you started working with Race Native? You did you learn as you started using the Frame Work?   **8:50 When did you realize working with the file system was difficult?   9:25 What solutions does React Native fetch blog offer? What other solution are there?  ** 10:00 Would ever consider work with Facebook or Expo, Recat Native Repo like a Library expo?   **13:40 Nader asks about why certain APIs are not available or should they be open for you community?  Is this your first Open Source Project? What do you think, and how was your experience? Would you create other Open Source projects in the future?   17:00 Be can you tell us about the web API and Web poly-fill?   21:00 What is you experience with React Native, the libraries,…Fetch Blog and project you have been working with? What do you think about the future of RN, and the problems it solved, as far as a cross - platform and things alike.  ** Picks ** ** Nader Advanced React -  Plural Sight Course   **Peter DASH  Ben Web Pack Bundle Analyzer


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