React Native Fluid Transitions & React Navigation feat. Christian Falch & Eric Vicenti


    React Native Radio | Episode 111


    Special Guests: Christian Falch and Eric Vicenti

    In today’s episode of the React Native Radio Podcast, the panel talks with Christian and Eric about various topics; such as: Flow, Flutter, C, C++, React Native, React, React Navigation, and much more! Check out today’s episode to hear all of the details.

    Topics and Questions Discussed:

    0:13 – Nader: Welcome to the show. Christian has been working on an interesting library that works with navigation. Tell us about yourself Christian!

    0:56 – Christian: I am 47 years old now and so it’s a long story. I have been coding since 11 years old. If you wanted to play some games you had to make them yourself.

    1:59 – Nader: You have been coding for 36-37 years now – you must be well versed now, right?

    2:15 – Christian: Yes.

    4:25 – Nader: So what is the company that you actually run now? What are you involved with now?

    4:36 – Guest: It’s a small consultancy company and there are only two of us. Our main focus is Reactive Native. We are doing things from apps to helping customers with their issues.

    5:15 – Nader: I know you’ve had some experience with Android Native and others – why did you go to React Native and how has that worked for your business?

    5:29 – Guest: This is another great story.

    10:19 – Nader: One last question before we get into the topic. You have a daughter in the entertainment industry – can you tell us about that?

    10:40 – Guest: Yes, she is 22-years old and she’s an actress. She has been given a lot of opportunities and I have been helping her. It’s a series that launches through Facebook Launch. It has become a big thing in Europe.

    11:20 – Nader: Let’s get on the topic. Can you tell us why you made the library, and why would someone want to try it out?

    11:35 – Guest: Sure!

    17:29 – Panel: I am curious what has gone into building this library? Were you able to build on top of a stack navigator or tab navigator or any of those?

    17:48 – Guest.

    18:05 – Panel: It’s cool to see these building blocks and laying layers on top of that. Building awesome stuff.

    18:28 – Nader: It looks like a combination of an animated library and a navigations library. What’s the best way to use this library?

    18:50 – Guest.

    19:27 – Nader: Ok cool. When you transition away from a screen can you declare those as well or does it do the opposite of the incoming transition?

    19:36 – Guest: Both – pairing and pairing transitions. You can write your own transitions, too!

    20:42 – Nader: How much extra code do people need to write? How much do they need to know about animations?

    21:00 – Guest.

    22:41 – Nader: Have you worked on JavaScript over the years or is this new to you and your company?

    22:50 – Guest: It’s actually quite new for me.

    23:45 – Nader: Do you use typescript or does it depend on the project?

    24:00 – Guest: We have been very successful with FLOW.

    24:21 – Panel: Working with these different technologies – are there pros/cons working within React Native or JavaScript or anything that you miss from those different platforms when coming to React Native?

    24:45 – Guest: Not at all.

    26:25 – Nader: Have you looked at Flutter?

    26:30 – Guest.

    27:38 – Panel: You’ve been toying with Reanimated is that right, and you’ve been having a good experience?

    27:45 – Guest: It’s an answer to a lot of my questions. It’s a great library and it’s really flexible.

    30:30 – Nader: That’s cool that you can work with your existing code.

    30:44 – Guest: My hope is that…

    32:108 – Nader: Eric, I know you are working on React Navigations, in general, and there might be a new version coming out?

    32:22 – Eric: Yep!




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