React Native Payments feat. Naoufal Kadhom of Netflix

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React Native Radio | Episode 76**   ** ** Panel Nader Dabit Peter Piekarczyk Special Guest : Naoufal Kadhom: Payment Processing   Discussions and Questions: ** ** 1:00 Since you been on the show before, can give us and updated ground? So you are doing Native web? So is the RN a warper around the payment API? So is this a new web API?   **4:40 What was the reason for the payment API? Have you integrated with things like PayPal or Strip or things like that?  ** 7:00 What is Brain Tree? Do you have to use Apple Pay or just Brain Tree? What are you using for the view?   **13:00 Is this where all payments are headed? So Apple Pay will take over the world… Is there anything else a developer could add to this experience, shipping…?   18:00 What go you interested in this stuff? Do you happen to know any website that support the payment setup already?  ** 25:00 How difficult was it to start to with iOS and bridging?   **29:30 So where do you Apple payments are going to go?   33:00 Where else can people go to learn more on Payments? Once Chrome picks this up, do you think think this will be more abundant? So you think there will be a cross platform module for web and iOS?   Picks**   **Nader Book -  Resilience: Hard Won Wisdom for Living a Better LifeFlutter  Peter Planing with Random modules   Naoufal React Native Europe


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