React Native Storybook featuring Thanish Muhammed

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React Native Radio | Episode 59**   **Panel Nader Dabit Gant Laborde Peter Piekarczyk Special Guest: Thanish Muhammed   Discussions and Questions:**   **0:40 Can you go over how you got in to programming and what you do for a living? 2:50 Can you talk about why you created React Native Storybook?  ** 5:10 Can you talk bout how React Native Storybook works, for those who don't know? 7:20 What is the best way to integrate  the components with Storybook? Can you talk a bit about how is works? 16:20 Tell us abut when Hull comes in?  Can you talk about workflow of  moving something from Storybook to React Native, can it be automated, or do you have tips or tricks? 20:35 Is this your first successful open source project? What have your learned in the process of all this? So with Storybook is there a way to Redux or other data layers? 23:00 Where do you see the future of React Storybook going? Can you elaborate on the use case on sharing the Storybook? Why is the motivation? 29:00 Would you think of integrating Storybook with React XP? Picks ** ** Peter  Reason   **Thanish Angular Native Script  ** Gant VS Code Nader **React Native EU Chain React Native Training on Youtube  


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