React Native VR & AR featuring Vik Advani of Viro Media

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React Native Radio | Episode 79**   **Panel Nader Dabit Peter Piekarczyk Guests : Vik Advani from Viro Media   Building Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality apps using React Native. In today’s show the React Native Radio team speaks with Vik Advani. Vik is the co-founder at Viro Media and the topic of discussion is VR and AR with React Native.  Vik talks about ways to make media easier in the development stage in cross platforms.   Discussions and Questions: VR and AR with React Native **   **1:40 Can you give us an intro and how you got into programming?  Game development   3:05 Can you give us a quick run down of the company and what is does?  If write for one platform only?   5:10 Description on rendering engine. If I wanted to build Snapchat filters, would I use your services?  ** 8:10**Figment AR app. React Native centric company  9:50 When did you start the company, and what were the road block during the process? As VR and AR are becoming popular, was that part of the plane when starting the company?   **14:00** You are virtual supporting everything, are there  thing that you are not supporting now, that you will soon? What you heard of   17:00 Do you think that React is an ideal way to write apps?   21:33 What do people need to lookout for first that may throw them off about AR? So it is the Hardware or Software thats is behind?   29:00 What are the best resources to get started? What about pricing?   Links @virohqViro MediaFigment AR    ** Picks ** ** NaderReact Native TrainingSo Good They Can’t Ignore You PeterEXP Deploy  VikFigment AR **


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